MRI diagnostics

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MRI in headache

MRI shows any organic changes in tissues of the head. It is absolutely accurate tool if you purpose is to exclude brain tumor, metastases, brain vessels pathology, inflammation or other brain injury. However, MRI can't diagnose migraines or tension headaches. If the cause of the pain is still unclear after the consultation, our radiologist will guide you to the right specialist.

MRI in back pain

MRI shows any organic problem in vertebral column, that cause pain: osteochondrosis, disk herniation, facet joint or nerve roots pathology, tumors, any inflammation it the examination area. However, MRI sometimes can't diagnose myogenic (muscular) pain, but fortunately it usually has typical clinical presentation.

Joint MRI

MRI is the most accurate noninvasive examination of shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, wrist, cubital joint and small joints of hands and feet. Bone structure, ligaments and cartilage tissue is seen very clearly in MRI, as will as edema, fluid in the joint and muscles. Any traumatic change that need surgery or chronic changes are seen in MR examination.

MRI in abdominal pain

MR examination of abdomen gives us detailed image of liver structure, bile ducts and gallbladder anatomy, pancreas, spleen, adrenal glands and kidneys pathology. According to the clinical presentation examination can be focused on the pelvic area: urinary bladder, uterus and ovaries, prostate in men. Morphology of all these organs can be accurately estimated. MR can also show majority of intestinal problems, in case if rigorous preparation is previously made. In general, examination protocol depends on clinical presentation and purposes.

Whole-body MRI screening

Whole-Body MRI screening is modern, accurate and patient friendly diagnostic method, that can reveal cancer of almost any location. It can also reveal other hidden pathologies, which has no symptoms yet. However, it has some limitations: prostate, stomach and intestinal cancer is difficult to reveal on it's first stage on full body MRI and in that case traditional methods suits better (gastroscopy and colonoscopy, blood tests like PSA).

Our MRI machines

Kõhuvalu Kabinet is working in partnership with Diagnostic Clinic of West Tallinn Central Hospital (LTKH).

Our main diagnostic tool is modern 3,0 Tesla strong magnetic field MRI machine PHILIPS Ingenia (2017).

Our accessory diagnostic tool is 1,5 Tesla MRI machine GE Signa HDE.

West Tallinn Central Hospital Diagnostic Clinic personnel

We have highly qualified, patient-friendly and ready to help medical staff. All radiology technicians speak english, estonian and russian languages.